3 Critical Reasons Your Meetings Should Start On Time!

start meetings on time please start meetings on time please

You should always AIM to start your meetings on time! Here are 3 critical reasons why:

  1. Starting late is perceived as disrespectful: When you start late you send the message that other peoples time is unimportant. That their goals and priorities are not valued. Even if this is not true, it is hard to break the perception others make of those who waste their time.
  2. When you start meetings late you train others to arrive late: Perpetually starting meetings late will program other people to expect the meeting to start late and hence they will begin arriving late. You have thus set in motion a perpetual cycle which will never end in the meeting stating on time. Enforcing a strict policy of beginning on time will ensure you don’t get caught in this classical conditioning trap.
  3. Starting late costs your company money in lost productivity: All those people sitting around twiddling their thumbs mounts up productivity losses which equates to Billions of dollars per annum. Meetings cost billions to begin with, so it pays to make them run as efficiently as humanly possible.

Productivity Tip: Do yourself and everyone else a favour and start your meetings on time.

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