Whose Life Is It Anyway? Set Your Own Goals


If you do not set your own goals, someone else will set them for you, and chances are good that you will not like much what they have planned!

Many experts on goals setting suggest that 92% – 95% of people, do not set any goals for themselves. Most people have become adept to following the goals others have set for them. What work to do, when to begin and end work, how much money they can earn, and if and when they can get promoted, are good examples. Most people go through life marching to the beat of another drummer.

But whose life is it anyway? Maybe its time to start planning your own life and take charge of your own destiny!

Productivity Tip: The most successful people in the world set their own goals and don’t leave it to others to do for them. Make today the first day of the best of your life.

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