Turn Off Annoying Notifications

Turn off notifications

Here is a productivity tip which will help you maintain your focus and eliminate a modern day annoyance: mobile phone notifications.

One of the biggest annoyances I discovered with my Android powered smartphone was that it would notify me each time it discovered a new Wi-Fi network. When I was doing my PhD, my office was situated in a location which had an intermittent Wi-Fi signal. One moment the Wi-Fi was sufficiently strong and the next moment it dropped out. Of course my phone kept sending out its “ping” when the Wi-Fi came back online. This would happen all day long, and each time it would jolt me out of my focus and interrupt my attention. It was a relief when I went into the phone settings and disabled the Wi-Fi notifications for this particular app.

To disable notifications on Android powered phones (Android 5.1) go into Settings ->Sound & notification ->Notification -> App notifications -> (Click the app you want to disable) -> Block “never show notifications from this app” push the slider to the right to activate it. Now the notification will be disabled. Do this with all the annoying apps on your phone and you will save yourself time and energy.

Productivity Tip: Turn off any and all notifications which are unessential, which is 99% of them.

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