Welcome to David Barton Training

Hi, I’m David Barton and welcome to David Barton Training. This site will provide you with a host of tips, tricks, secrets, methods, tactics and strategies to get more done, faster. The whole reason why David Barton Training exists is to uncover ways to be more efficient and productive – and share them with you, so you can spend less time working and more time living and enjoying life. Let’s face it, life is short, we are here today and gone tomorrow. The key to living a fuller richer life is to work smarter not harder, and this is why I have created this site – because I believe every life is valuable and each person deserves to live a rich abundant life filled with wonderful experiences. This site provides you with the tools and knowledge to work smarter, be more efficient and productive and achieve more of the life you richly desire.

My Background
I have always had a keen interest in the teaching, training and helping professions, but I have only really entered into this profession in the later part of my life. For the past decade or so I have trained and worked in the area of psychology, counselling, training and teaching. During this time I have worked with a diverse number of individual, families and groups. I have completed a PhD in Psychology at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Before this, in my younger days, I used to work in the technology sector, first starting in Telecommunications and advancing into Information Technology. I love psychology, but I also relish the opportunity to learn about new technology and how to use it to make life easier and more efficient.

Today I develop information products and training courses which help individuals and organizations achieve more, faster. I relish the opportunity to share my ideas, knowledge and strategies with individuals and organisations. You can sample a small fraction of what I have to offer from the posts on this site. I run both public and in house workshops and training seminars. Please contact me for information on how I can help your organization be more productive and efficient.

Short Posts
You will notice that the posts on this site are mostly short. There is good reason behind this; for one, this site is all about teaching you how to be more efficient and productive, so making short posts which, to the point and succinct is congruent with the mission of this site; to promote and enhance time efficiency. Secondly, you are a busy person, so I expect you will appreciate it more if posts get to the point sooner than later, so you can get back to the important stuff.